Welcome to our presentation of "voices and opinions of the others" which we are instigating in response to the forthcoming centenary of the outbreak of the dramatic events leading to World War I

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This web site is to be taken in context with its German and French counterpart (www.1914-2014-sprachen.de and www.1914-2014-langues.fr)

With regard to the centenary of the dramatic events of summer 1914 many people start looking at the tragic and highly complex events which led to the outbreak of the Great War.

According to the headline "1914-2014 voices and opinions of the others – celebration or commemoration ? " we want to dedicate time to listening to the voices of other countries.

We will offer lessons in English, French and German as well as in Italian and -depending on the interest and language abilities of the participants also in Russian. These lessons will highlight the various points of view of the countries and the people involved in this major drama shaping the whole of the 20 th century and having consequences until our time.

The lessons will be held by our competent teaching staff from the different countries and will take place from June onward, starting with the lecture of the Bosnian and Serbian colleagues dealing dealing with the Sarajevo assassination.

The content for each introductionary lecture will follow a similar structure for each nationality, as follows:

The introduction will encompass a summary of the planned contents of the in depth lessons to follow. For instance:

  • A selection of articles of 1914 and of today dealing with the reasons for the decisions taken.
  • How and why do people deal with WW 1 ? Commemoration, celebration, indifference?
  • Is there a sense of guilt? Is there a conexion between guilt and way of remembrance?
  • discussions!

The purpose of this is to seek opinions from readers, whose E mails may be placed on our web site under "opinions".

We would then hope to incorporate your comments into further, more detailed discussions, based upon the comments and suggestions that you, the readers, provide us with.

Of particular interest would be anyone who has a family member who has related unusual or interesting experiences that they would care to share with us.

Contributions from descendants of any combatants or civilians of any of the participating nations would also add considerable interest.